Getting Involved

We are glad you are interested in getting involved at New Hope. Our goal is to grow as Jesus' followers as we get to know Him and one another better, shaped by His Word. Here are some potential areas of further involvement:


Please email if you would like to meet with Pastor Jonathan and/or other members of New Hope's leadership. We would be glad to get to know you better, and can discuss how your particular gifts may match areas of ministry at New Hope. We also look forward to finding how we can best encourage and challenge you as you follow Jesus alongside us—or as you explore what it might look like to become a Christian. 


If you are attending New Hope, you are invited to be part of a "Care Group". Each individual/family in a Care Group has a member of the leadership team assigned to them, who has committed to pray for them regularly, and who can be a go-to person in the church. Email if you are interested in becoming part of a Care Group.


There are two mid-week meeting options.  Prayer on Thursday evenings, and Bible Study/Group Book Study on Friday evenings; email if you would like to know details on study topics or locations.


If you are interested in baptism or membership at New Hope, contact Pastor Jonathan at He will meet with you to hear more of your interest, and share about baptism or the membership process. Those who are interested in becoming members are asked to participate in a two or three-part class on the basics of Christianity, the Reformed tradition, and New Hope's history, vision and mission in particular. Members have the privilege of voting, presenting children for baptism, are eligible to be considered for ordained office (women and men for the role of deacon, and men for the role of elder according to our understanding of Scripture) and of greater accountability in their lives and growth as Christian.